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It is the mission of College-Bound Athlete Scholarship Service to help locate and place student-athletes in colleges and universities where they can compete in their chosen sport while pursuing their academic goals. I assist student-athletes in securing athletic scholarships and grants whenever possible.


"What makes College-Bound Athlete Scholarship Service stand out from its competitors is its’ founder and CEO Pat Grecco. Pat Grecco is a skilled professional who deeply cares about finding the best college/university for each of her students. She is in the business of building lives. Not only is her depth of knowledge both athletically and academically tremendous, but she is truly committed to her student- athletes from start to finish. She listens to both parents and student’s needs and interests, and skillfully packages them to numerous college and universities. Her expertise in finding the perfect match for student athletes is unparalleled." 

College-Bound Athlete Scholarship Service Founder and President, Pat Grecco, was inducted into The Soccer Hall of Fame and has volunteered thousands of hours of her time helping others and always finds time to help disadvantaged families with difficult problems.

Pat image.png
Pat Grecco
Founder and CEO

"It gives me great pleasure to help others, be they the best athletes, best students, or perhaps a student who struggles in school. My most important offering is to find the very best academic opportunities for the student-athletes with whom I work." – Pat Grecco

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