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College-Bound Athlete Scholarship Service begins with meeting you and discussing opportunities. We ask questions like: How far from home would you like to go? What would you possibly want to major in? In addition, we determine your athletic and academic level; and begin to research approximately 30 colleges where you will have an opportunity to be recruited. Social considerations are also an issue and size of the school, as well as personal challenges.


After personal interviews with player and parents, together we develop a list of target schools, and the family's research begins. Only when both player and parents are genuinely interested in a school, its program and its coach does the family initiate its direct contact.


College Bound Athlete Scholarship Service takes the time to form relationships between the Athlete, their parents and the prospective college coach. The result of this approach is my nearly 100% placement rate. 


College coaches welcome qualified and motivated student athletes who present themselves in this way. Mrs. Grecco says, "It's so simple. Realistically evaluate your qualifications, study the coach's requirements and go where they want you."

If you would like to learn more about my services and what I can do for you,
I offer a FREE 30-minute in person visit or conference call.

To schedule your appointment call (631) 988-7746 or email


“No student athlete left behind”

“Education is a parents best investment”

Effective January 1, 2022, the total cost for my service is a one-time fee of $900. For this one-time charge I will prepare a recruiting profile/resume, cover letter to approximately 30 college coaches, envelopes and labels along with recruiting guidance from start to finish. I will be with you during high school until you graduate and go off to the college of your choice.   

Referrals welcome and rewarded with a generous finders fee.


Please note that I have not turned any student-athlete away because they

could not afford to pay me. Military discounts available.



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